It's time to get those projects and to-do's off your lists, out of your head and into the world as real, tangible products, services, business systems, marketing and more!
Business ownership can be one of the most frustrating things to experience. If you're like many of the small business owners I meet and work with, you've probably got a long list of projects or big things you want to accomplish, launch or leverage in your business. The thing is, time is tight, resources are stretched and you find you've got lots of questions that get left unanswered.

Imagine how it would feel to have expert support, guidance and motivating accountability to prioritise those projects and to-do's AND get them off your list and into reality?

Think forward to the end of the 2018 and into 2019. What would it feel like to have accomplished something that's been hanging around and hanging over your head for weeks, months or even years?

Starting October 2018 I've got a new offering for you. A 3 month group Coaching and Accountability program; Thrive Pods!  We'll work as a group to move you towards accomplishing a set of meaningful goals. It could be one big project or a set of smaller goals. Whatever it is, this is your chance to end the business year strong. You'll also set yourself up to start 2019 feeling fresh, focused and motivated to keep moving forward in your business. 

Want to find out what is involved in joining a Thrive Pod?

Read on for all the details & to discover bonuses worth more than $500


Hello Business Owner!
I can't wait to work with you and see what you achieve in the coming months as a Thrive Pod member. In my 11+ years of coaching, consulting and teaching small business owners, one thing I get most excited about is what happens when you find yourself in a motivating group of other small business owners, guided by experience and cheered loudly for all the action you take and awesome you achieve. See you in the "Pod" soon!

Shannon Bush
#BusinessLiberator for business owners who want to achieve presence and success with as much ease as possible!
What Do I Get For My Investment?
  • Fortnightly group calls of 90 mins
  • Maximum of 8 business owners only so you receive personalised attention each call
  • First call will be a goal setting session to set a series of goals for you and your business for the calendar quarter  so you are clear on what you're working on and your fellow Thrive Pod members are also aware of your goals for additional accountability and cheering you on!
  • There will be a total 6 group Accountability + Coaching calls in total over the 3 months you are a Thrive Pod member. Additional calls and masterclasses may be scheduled, depending on the needs of the group
  • All calls will be recorded, so you can catch up on a recording if you miss a call, You will increase your likely hood of gaining the best outcomes by being present live at the calls so block out the time in your diary as early as you can
  • Each call you'll be expected to provide an accountability check-in which will focus on answering a specific set of questions to track your performance and achievements - I'll provide coaching one by one as each group member does their check-in
  • Additional coaching and education will be provided depending on the needs of the group to ensure you have the information needed to maximise the potential for you to achieve your quarterly goals
  • There will be additional support and loads of cheering provided in a secure Facebook group for Thrive Pod participants only
  • Investment is 4 x equal payments of $350 + gst. The first is to secure your place and then equal monthly payments on 1st of Oct, Nov and Dec 2018 for the current Thrive Pod round. To work with me one on one starts from $1350/month + gst currently so this offers exceptional value to receive the support of a seasoned and award winning business coach and marketing strategist
Not To Be Missed Founding Thrive Pod Member Bonuses!
Introducing the Thriving Business Academy
  • Membership to the Thriving Business Academy or the "TBA" is included while you're in a Thrive Pod group, giving you access to additional training that will be added as it's created. As this is a new offering, the training will be added to over time and very much be influenced by the members of each new Thrive Pod group. A minimum of 1 new course and 1 new template will be added monthly and masterclasses will be scheduled as needed to enhance your learning and give you an opportunity to access my knowledgeable network of trusted professionals
  • Following completion of a pod you'll have the option to join another in the future, or you can become an ongoing member of the TBA at the monthly subscription rate at the time. This ongoing membership is for a minimum of 6 months and will include access to all the short courses / paid programs I'll be launching in the coming months for no additional cost. Founding member membership will be $135 + gst per month. On completion of your 6 monthly membership commitment, you can cancel at any time with one months (30 days) written notice. While you are an active member of a Thrive Pod you receive access to the TBA for no additional financial investment PLUS one month FREE (valued at a minimum of $540 + gst)
  • As a TBA member you'll be able to access an Academy rate for private coaching sessions one on one as needed as I wanted to make that option available to people in case you want or need one on one support at any time during the 3 months you are an active Thrive Pod member
New Thrive Group Coaching + Accountability Pod starts October 2018!
Enrollments close 30th September
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Join the October 2018 Thrive Pod here and give yourself and your business a chance to finish the year stronger and better than you imagined!
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Coaching + Accountability Pod Terms & Conditions
- By clicking the purchase button below you agree to paying the deposit for the 3 month coaching and accountability pod with Shannon Bush.
- You will then be billed this exact amount detailed below on the 1st of each of the 3 months you are in a pod. If you join the pod less than 14 days before the start date then you'll be billed the final 3 payments on the 20th of the 3 months you are in the pod.
- When you register for a pod you are agreeing to the 4 payments in total.
- Registration is for a full calendar quarter (3 month period). Once you register and your pod place is confirmed this cannot be transferred to another time. No refunds are available.
- The program consists of a minimum of 6 group calls to be scheduled over the 3 month period.
- Each pod group will consist of no more than 8 members each quarter.
- Additional coaching time can be accessed privately from your host, Shannon Bush, if needed..
- As a bonus, you'll become founding members of the Thriving Business Academy with Shannon Bush, where you'll be able to access additional content and resources for no additional investment for the time you are a "pod" member + one bonus month's access. This bonus is valued at $540 + gst (for Australian residents)